about us

proudly produced in Portugal since 1957

A family company with history and tradition gave the name to Achega Knitwear wich is today a textile fashion
brand of national and international recognition.
Initially, working with a small number of employees, the concern of the founder of the company was
immediately the implementation of quality and guidance that continued throughout his life, developing
knowledge and discipline with his descendants.
Infused with this spirit, his children, who from an early age began working with their father, learning the art of
textiles and, at the same time, opened new horizons to market their products.
Aware of the quality of their product, the brand was registered to preserve its identity.
José Coelho Achega primeiros funcionários 1957
This policy of commercial seriousness give fruits as evidenced by the various invitations addressed to the brand to participate in fashion shows and other events related to clothing.
In the art of design, the ACHEGA brand has been concerned with preserving many of its classic models, while crossing them with new trends, in a perfect symbiosis between old and modern, that make them unique and with original patterns.
This hinge line, between the classic and the modern, bridges the generations and helps to perpetuate in the memory of the families the brand and establishment ACHEGA.
The collections are studied and prepared in great detail, followed by the production. From the choice of color, from yarn to weaving, from the mold to the cut of the piece or from the choice of the clasp or type of button, there is always the concern to do an excellent job.
The final product is exposed with labeling and packaging that
distinguish it by its excellent presentation.