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Article: 10 facts about Kashmir

10 factos sobre a Caxemira

10 facts about Kashmir

1. Cashmere produced in Mongolia, a country in the heart of central Asia known as "The country of the eternal blue sky" is a nation of untouched landscapes where the breed of goats that produce cashmere, one of the softest natural fibers, lives in the steppes.

2. With Mongolia being its main producer, there are more countries where we can find Kashmiri goats: China, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan.

3. It is in spring that the lower layer of hair from Kashmir goats is harvested and there are around 300,000 families of nomadic shepherds who collect and sell this extremely high quality wool from goats that live in freedom.

4. Cashmere wool is eight times warmer than sheep's wool and five times finer than human hair.

6. It's naturally designed for cold weather. The colder the air temperature, the more the fur grows to protect the animals from the cold and the fluffier this raw material becomes.

7. It has been in fashion since the 19th century. In the early 1800s it was brought to Western Europe, becoming a symbol of elegance and luxury and only used by the highest social classes, becoming a symbol of power and wealth, maintaining this position to this day.

8. It is extremely rare as it is a finite resource. There is only a small amount in the world and the price reflects that.

9. It is hypoallergenic. Most fibers cause itching or redness in the most sensitive skin, Cashmere Wool is comfortable for all skin types and can be worn directly on the body without any discomfort.

10. With proper care it can last a lifetime!

text: Filipa Achega

photo: Bolatbek Gabiden on Unsplash

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