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Socks and Blankets

We proudly present our selection of baby socks and blankets, where quality, comfort and sustainability go hand in hand.

Our socks are produced with a special combination of alpaca wool and recycled polyamide, hand-knitted with care and dedication. Alpaca wool provides a soft, cozy feel on your feet, while recycled polyamide, sourced from PET bottles, reinforces our commitment to the environment. Enjoy a high quality product and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

For the most tender moments, our baby blankets, made with the softest lambswool with a delicate and welcoming touch, will wrap the little ones with all the comfort and warmth they deserve. Each blanket is woven with extreme care, ensuring the safety and well-being of babies, providing them with a cozy and protected environment.

A collection that combines the tradition of manual knitting with sustainable innovation, creating unique pieces that combine quality, style and environmental responsibility. Discover this feeling of well-being and softness.

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Anthracite Gray Striped Alpaca SocksAnthracite Gray Striped Alpaca Socks
Camel Striped Alpaca SocksCamel Striped Alpaca Socks
Camel Striped Alpaca Socks Sale price€25,00
Anthracite Gray Twisted Alpaca SocksAnthracite Gray Twisted Alpaca Socks
Pearl White Twisted Alpaca SocksPearl White Twisted Alpaca Socks
Light Gray Twisted Alpaca SocksLight Gray Twisted Alpaca Socks